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Urban Allotment Gardens in European Cites – Future, Challenges and Lessons Learned

Poznan Joint Management Committee and Working Group Meeting September 15th - 17th 2013
Von Nazila Keshavarz u. Runrid Fox-Kämper. Hrsg. COST; ESF; ILS
Aachen 2013, 34 Seiten mit zahlr. Fotos
Digital hier erhältlich (PDF-Grafik PDF-Datei, 979 KB)

Since the first event in Dortmund/Germany that was held in March 2013, our network of scientists grew to more than 80 researchers from 29 European and international countries  in less than a year. New countries that signed the Action’s Memorandum of Understanding since Dortmund event are the Czech Republic, France, Slovenia and Croatia and in the week before the conference the request of Slovakia was approved by the Management Committee. This is a very promising achievement and good result for a new Action and in Poznan collaboration and exchange about the topic of urban allotment gardens in European cities continued  in order to fulfill the promised milestones and goals. The meeting in Poznan was highlighted by a keynote of Prof. Tadeusz Markowski, President of Polish Town Planning Association, national presentations about the situation of urban gardening in Poland, Norway and Portugal and a great field trip to allotment gardens and other highlights of green infrastructure around Poznan.

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ILS-Working Paper zu Corona

Die Forschungsgruppe Raumbezogene Planung und Städtebau des ILS hat ein Arbeitspapier zu den zentralen Herausforderungen für Städte und Regionen in der Corona-Pandemie vorgelegt. Mehr…


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