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International Symposium 2018: URBAN INTEGRATION // From Walled City to Integrated City

29. May 2018
Zollverein, Erich Brost-Pavillon, Fritz-Schupp-Allee 14, 45141 Essen

Worldwide, Metropolitan Regions are changing rapidly to absorb the urban growth expected over the next 20-30 years. While urban transformations in the global south will be dominated by irregular processes of urbanization, the formal regulatory frameworks operating in the global north must also be interrogated to ensure a more sustainable, just and vibrant urban future. Framed by the paradigm shift of the digital revolution, the anticipated impacts of climate uncertainty, and the aftermath of the post-industrial socio-economic regimes, time calls for innovative strategic responses. The complexity of these challenges requires an integrated and transdisciplinary approach that allows for diverse, inclusive and multi-scalar strategies. With an emphasis on urban integration, this symposium approaches the agglomeration of the Ruhr Region as a breeding ground for urban experimentation through the consideration of four principals: Polycentrality, Multi-scale Spatial Models, Resilience and Diversity and Inclusion.

The International Symposium + Design Workshop 2018 will facilitate international cooperation among schools from Asia, Europe and North America. During the symposium, participants will share knowledge through paper presentations, and workshops will foster the development of interdisciplinary and multi-scalar design strategies. The design sessions will be supported through input from external consultants, and feedback from local stakeholders, communities and professionals.



12:00 Uhr
Introductory Session

12:30 Uhr
Welcome and Introductory Notes

12:50 Uhr
Dimensions of Urban Design and Integration

13:10 Uhr
Session 1
Polycentricity + Multi-Scale Spatial Models

13:30 Uhr
PechaKucha Presenters + Discussion

15:00 Uhr
Coffee Break

15:40 Uhr
Session 2
Resilience + Diversity & Inclusion

16:00 Uhr
PechaKucha Presenters + Discussio

17:30 Uhr
Plenary Session

18:30 Uhr
End of session + Evening snack

19:30 Uhr
Evening Session

20:45 Uhr
Get together

21:30 Uhr

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