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MIMY – EMpowerment through liquid Integration of Migrant Youth in vulnerable conditions
Auftrag:EU/ Horizon2020
Kooperation:Projektkonsortium mit 11 Partnern (Gesamtleitung: Université du Luxembourg)
Laufzeit:02/2020 – 01/2023

MIMY is a comparative interdisciplinary study of migrant integration with the aim of empowering young migrants in vulnerable conditions and supporting integration strategies within the EU.

The interdisciplinary project brings together 12 partners to examine the dynamic, open-ended process of integration at the EU, national and local level by examining 18 case studies within 9 countries. MIMY analyses integration policies and strategies across macro (EU migration policies), meso (regional economic & social systems) and micro (individual practices) levels by establishing a unified theoretical framework at the intersection of liquid integration, resilience and vulnerability. The innovative, multi-method approach (e.g. policy analyses, quantitative data analysis, delphi study and participatory action research) provides in-depth analyses of: 1) the long-term socio-economic effects of successful and failed integration; 2) factors fostering or hindering integration processes of young migrants (considering the heterogeneity and diverse biographical backgrounds); and 3) how diverse social actors and institutions can support the agency of young migrants by further strengthening their resilience and resistance strategies. Within the MIMY project, ILS is responsible for “Assessing the critical role of the local population”.  

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Klimawandel, internationale Migration und Urbanisierung

Ohne Zuwanderung fast überall Schrumpfung: Ergebnisse aus dem Projekt „Climate Change Impacts on Migration and Urbanization“ (IMPETUS) zeigen die Bedeutung der internationalen Migration für die Bevölkerungsentwicklung in Deutschland. Mehr…


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