Development of Sustainable Built Environments


Urban areas are the result of a complex interaction of space, society, market and planning. The processes of negotiating and implementing strategies and measures of sustainable urban development and the relevant stakeholder networks and planning cultures take on a particular significance here. In the context of new growth pressure and discourses in the cities, our key interest is in influencing architecture and urban design through planning, such as when it comes to the creation and preservation of living space. We ask how normative orientations of urban policy and urban development activities change, how this is manifested in the negotiation of strategies for sustainable urban development and what material results are achieved in terms of built environments. This programmatic approach encompasses an integrated perspective on hitherto often unconnected research into governance, planning culture and urban development.

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Contact person for this research interest:

Prof. Dr. Jan Polivka
Phone: + 49 (0) 231 9051-252