Gender Equality Plan

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Gender Equality Plan

Gender Equality is something we encounter every day in our daily lives. For several years now, topics such as “equal pay for equal work” or gender-inclusive language have been widely represented and discussed in all media.

The first general conditions have already improved. Unpaid care work is being shared more and more and is burdening more than just one person, fathers are taking parental leave, and childcare services are being expanded.

The ILS is aware of its responsibility and has taken the current discussion as an opportunity to play its part in equality work. The equality of all genders and the compatibility of family and career are central concerns of the ILS. The institute is particularly aware of its responsibility as an employer.

The requirements of research sponsors have also changed. The existing obstacles in the research sector are to be overcome and the equality of all genders is to be promoted. Practiced equality in institutes and project teams leads to a better work-life balance and ensures equal opportunities for all employees.

The Gender Equality Plan presents the status and perspectives of the ILS’s gender equality work. It serves as a guideline and working aid for the promotion and realisation of equality of all genders at the Institute. Compared to previous versions, the plan has been completely rewritten and prepared by a working group of ILS employees.



Annika Dannemann
Equal opportunity commissioner
Phone: +49 (0) 231 9051-162