Urban research − understanding urban change in its diversity

The process of urbanisation in the early 21st century is enormously dynamic: Urban spaces emerge, grow and change, their transformation takes many forms and is increasingly discontinuous and disparate. A better understanding of these processes is a central concern for the spatial urban researchers at the ILS. We investigate the various dimensions of urban change at different levels of scale and in international comparison. In active dialogue with practitioners, policy-makers and societal stakeholders, we gain important insights from this for the sustainable transformation and design of urban spaces.

We have three main research interests.


Neues ILS-Working Paper

Mittleren Städten wird eine besondere Rolle als Stabilitätsanker und Wachstumsmotor in ländlichen Räumen zugesprochen. Frank Osterhage und Stefan Siedentop untersuchen im vorliegenden Working Paper, welche strukturelle Bedeutung mittlere Städte für die Entwicklung ländlicher Räume in Baden-Württemberg aufweisen. Mehr…