Transformation of Urban Spaces and Mobility


This research interest deals with the complex and dynamic interactions between spatial development and the various forms of spatial mobility. These interactions are analysed in numerous projects, and methods and approaches to solving the problems are developed in the context of societal, ecological, social and technological change. Only a comprehensive perspective on “mobilities” can cope with the complexity and significance of spatial transformation processes. The complex interplay between processes of spatial development and the various forms of mobility is constitutive for the work in this research area. Two interlocking research questions can be derived from the framework outlined above, which are the guiding lines. On the one hand, the focus is on how technical, economic and social change processes influence the location decisions of households and companies as well as the everyday mobility of people and what effects this has on spatial structures. Secondly, it is about how spatial structures in turn affect mobility actions against the background of digitalisation and the trend towards social heterogenisation, among other things.

ILS research projects

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Dr. Thomas Klinger
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Dr. Andrea Dittrich-Wesbuer
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