National Networks

The partnerships with regional universities have a special significance for our research in a national context. Cooperation agreements have been in place for some time with TU Dortmund, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, the Universität Bonn, the Universität Münster and RWTH Aachen. In addition to the close partnership when it comes to research, teaching and the promotion of young researchers with TU Dortmund and RWTH Aachen, we also have three joint appointments in place. The ILS is also active in the etropolitan Research field of competence of the University Alliance Ruhr.
As part of the spatial research networks and topics, the professional exchange with the four spatial research institutes of the Leibniz Association (5R-Network) and the spatial research institutes in a nationwide context (11-R-Network) play a central role in making spatial research competencies nationally visible and creating synergistic effects.

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Colloquium Series 2019/2020, Talk 4: The just city. Three background issues: Institutional justice and spatial justice, social justice and distributive justice, concept of justice and conceptions of justice, 25. Februar 2020, ILS, Dortmund. Mehr…


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