Mobilities and Space

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The research group M deals with the connections between the various forms of mobility and spatial development. The competences of the research group lie in the following areas

  • Impact of new technologies on the transport system and transport behaviour
  • Trends and drivers of location decisions by households and enterprises
  • Modelling and scenario development on issues of spatial and traffic development

Team assistant

Sabine Giersberg
Phone: +49 (0) 231 9051-275

Student assistants

  • Bresser, Benjamin
  • Buchallik, Jakob
  • Cech, Robin
  • Cheung, Po-Yan
  • Goll, Marie
  • Grubert, Joost
  • Hanke, Luca Benjamin
  • Heitefaut, Vasco Cornelius
  • Henning, Dylano
  • in der Beck, Lea
  • Jung, Emil Finn
  • Karakus, Sinan Benjamin
  • Kniffki, Simon
  • Müller, Luca
  • Schlinghoff, Lea
  • Schmeing, Malin