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ReROOT - Arrival infrastructures as sites of integration for recent newcomers
Client:EU/Horizon 2020
Partner(s):Dr. Karel Arnaut (KU Leuven [BEL], lead); partners in 8 further countries
Time frame:04/2021 – 07/2025

The ReROOT project examines the composition and the impact of arrival infrastructures across European urban areas. Which local players and organizations support newcomers during their arrival processes, facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources, and act as an integrating resource?

The project is based on the idea that beyond formal institutions, there is a wide range of actors providing support structures for newly arrived migrants. ReROOT focuses in particular on the role of established migrants and their contribution to arrival-specific infrastructures for newcomers. These so-called "arrival brokers" run stores, cafés, hairdressers, clubs and religious institutions in the neighborhood. They offer platforms for low-threshold information transfer and act as contact persons for migration-related issues (e.g. housing, the labor market or educational opportunities).

In cooperation with interdisciplinary experts, case studies are being conducted at nine European project sites in Turkey, Greece, Hungary, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany. The project investigates the role of local players and institutions regarding the integration of newcomers - especially considering the refugee migration during the last years. One of the project locations is the district of Dortmund’s Nordstadt. As a traditional arrival neighborhood it provides a wide range of support structures.

Within the case study of Dortmund-Nordstadt, ILS is cooperating with Planerladen e.V.. The common target is to strengthen existing successful arrival infrastructures and to promote further measures that support the arrival and the advancement of newcomers. ReROOT circulates interdisciplinary knowledge, new methods and tested tools among the different locations and public service stakeholders as well as civil society. A particular focus is on innovative mapping toolkits and local platforms that will be designed and tested.

Video about the project

Until May 2023, the project was led by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Heike Hanhörster as Co-I.

This project is carried out by ILS Research gGmbH.

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