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Climate Adaptation through Thermographic Campaign and Heat mapping (CATCH4D) / ICLEI Europe
Partner(s):Miramap Aerial Surveys; University of Salamanca; Magic Mapping Club; City of Dortmund
Time frame:06/2023 – 05/2025

The CATCH4D project aims to create a comprehensive 3D thermographic model of the city of Dortmund. By utilising advanced laser scanning, thermography and earth observation techniques, the project will assess the energy efficiency of buildings and local heat stress in cities. By additionally incorporating Google Earth Engine data and socio-economic information, the project aims to identify areas with households potentially affected by energy poverty and residents at risk of heat stress. The resulting data analyses will contribute to the implementation of sustainable and climate-oriented initiatives in Dortmund. The project aims to provide direct support for local citizens. This includes advising property owners on the potential and funding opportunities for energy-efficient refurbishment, organising neighbourhood walks and workshops on energy efficiency and urban heat stress and setting up temporary green and blue infrastructures to reduce heat stress.

This project is carried out by ILS Research gGmbH.

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