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Unequal Germany 2023
Client:Friedrich Ebert Foundation
Time frame:01/2023 – 09/2023

Inequality between urban and rural regions as well as differences between economically dynamic regions and those affected by structural change - Germany is an unequal country both socially and spatially. The structures of individual regions differ greatly and therefore have a significant influence on migration flows, income levels and people's basic living conditions and opportunities. The 3rd Socio-Economic Disparities Report 2023 visualises this inequality and examines the extent to which regional differences have been consolidated or changed in recent years. The first part of the report builds on the disparity reports from 2019 and 2015 and the second part looks at the resilience and future prospects of the regions for the first time: It provides both a comprehensive survey of socio-economic inequality in Germany and the future sustainability of mastering the transformation towards a climate-neutral economy. The report is complemented by an interactive WebGIS application and can be accessed at

This project is carried out by ILS gGmbH.

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