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Urban space research in the vicinity of the Cologne cathedral
Client:City of Cologne
Partner(s):Dr. Jan Üblacker; TH Köln/University of Applied Sciences, Cologne
Time frame:09/2020 – 10/2021

The area around the Cologne Cathedral and City Hall is characterized by a variety of uses in a comparatively small area: Tourist attractions and numerous stores, restaurants and hotels can be found here, as well as charitable institutions. In addition, the area is an everyday place of work and residence. The overlapping of different functions and uses in the area of the cathedral forms the starting point of the investigation. The aim of the research is to understand the experience and expectations of different user groups, but also possible conflicts of use. In addition to the analysis of data on the socio-spatial development of the area, surveys are also conducted to explore perspectives and expectations of various groups (including employees, consumers, tourists, but also street artists or homeless people) regarding the urban space. The results provide interested stakeholders from administration, business and civil society with an insight into the current situation and options for action. The project is based on a research cooperation between the City of Cologne, the ILS and the TH Köln. Research is carried out by Dr. Jan Üblacker and Milena Stankov, Cologne.

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