Urban Social Space

©ILS, Adobe 299151323, Adobe 150263328

©ILS, Adobe 299151323, Adobe 150263328

The research group S deals with questions of social cohesion and local processes and practices of integration. The competencies of the research group lie in the following areas

  • Diversity, Migration and Integration
  • Socio-spatial disparities and social cohesion in cities and neighbourhoods

Team assistant

Katinka Gehrig-Fitting
Phone: +49 (0)231 9051-205
E-Mail: katinka.gehrig-fitting@ils-research.de

Student Assistants

  • Gök, Elif-Beyza
  • Gruber, Martin
  • Hartig, Lara Maria
  • Henjes, Miriam
  • Legesse, Sohber
  • Meetz, Anna Marie
  • Thurner, Julia