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STARE - The Evaluation of the Urban Redevelopment East Program in a Long-Term Perspective
Client:Ryukoku University Kyoto (Japan)
Partner(s):Urban Planning Institute Japan
Time frame:05/2022 – 10/2022

Former East Germany has experienced drastic population loss since reunification. In order to mitigate the negative effect do to the population loss, the federal government of Germany has established the Stadtumbau Ost program since 2002. lnitially, it had duration of seven years, but had extended until 2016. lt has succeeded to a new program named Stadtumbau since 2017. The objective of this project is to understand how the stakeholders evaluate the Stadtumbau Ost program and what they expect in the currently on-going reborn Städtebau program by conducting quessionaire surveys to these stakeholders. The project looks back to the experiences by then participating municipalities, asking them to evaluate the Stadtumbau Ost implementation in a long term view. The ILS is responsible for the conception, implementation and evaluation of the survey.

This project is carried out by ILS Research gGmbH.

Project leader:
  • Dr. Jan Polívka

Project team:

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