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E-Bike Dortmund – Potentials of electric bicycles
Client:In-house Research Project
Time frame:10/2013 – 05/2015

The ILS research project “Electric mobility in bicycle traffic” has shown that electric bicycles can play an important role in the implementation of climate protection strategies and sustainability strategies. The project has also shown that the potentials identified in many studies and field trials should not be over-estimated. Long-term success and the integration of electric bicycles into daily mobility choices can only be achieved by the combination of pull- and push- measures.

Following up on this, the research project “E-Bike Dortmund” identifies potentials of an increasing spread and use of E-Bikes on the basis of an attitude-oriented analysis of acceptance.

The following questions are in the focus of interest: How great is the potential of trips and distances to be saved in private motorized transport through the use of electric bicycles? And which transport modes would be replaced by the use of an electric bike and for what purposes?

In a telephone survey, 400 participants in a district of Dortmund were asked about their attitudes and the acceptance of electric bicycles. The participants were persons who use or own an electric bicycle already as well as persons without experiences with electric bicycles so far.

The aim of the project is to identify the potential of the use of electric bicycles as a supplement to other modes of transport. An estimation of the potential of electric bicycles is given in consideration of the opportunities and obstacles to an increased use of electric bicycles.

Project team:
  • Mechtild Stiewe
  • Dr.-Ing. Dirk Wittowsky

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