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SFHN – Single Family Housing Neighbourhoods of the Post-War Era
Client:internal research
Partner(s):Amsterdam University of applied sciences, The Netherlands; Cardiff School of Planning and Geography, United Kingdom; CAUE27, Council of Architecture, Urban Planning and Environment, Evreux, France; KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany; Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Deventer, The Netherlands; SBRCURnet, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg, Germany; University of Liège, Belgium; Université Paris Est Marne-la-Vallée, France
Time frame:09/2013 – 12/2017

Initiated by the international workshop “Single Family Housing Estates of the Post War Era – a European comparison of Opportunities and Risks”, organized by the ILS in September 2013, an international cooperation of researchers working in the wider context of the future development of ageing post-war housing neighbourhoods has started. In many European regions a mismatch between supply and demand on the market of post-war single family houses is likely to develop. Reasons for this mismatch are challenges such as demographic change and current economic developments. This problem might start up a race to the bottom of these neighbourhoods which might cause a loss of attractiveness of the municipality, even of the whole region. These developments are actually not yet visible to a greater extent respectively the extent cannot yet be estimated. To recognize negative developments in time, a European comparison is of greatest importance in order to stimulate the exchange of experience and best practice. Research institutes and universities from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK use this network for exchange, scientific writing and for preparing project proposals.

In this context one peer reviewed article has been published in 2016:
Berndgen-Kaiser, Andrea; Fox-Kämper, Runrid; Wiechert, Markus
Post-war Single-Family Houses in Europe under Pressure? A Demographic and Economic Framework for the Future Market of Elder Single-Family Housing Neighbourhoods.
Articulo – Journal of Urban Research, [Online], Briefings. doi: 10.4000/articulo.3021

A second peer reviewed article is under review:
Andrea Berndgen-Kaiser; Tine Koehler; Anne-Françoise Marique; Stefan Netsch; Christine Ruelle
"The single-family housing stock in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands: Approaches to handling future use against the background of regional disparities" (Journal of Housing and the Built Environment)

Project team:
  • Andrea Berndgen-Kaiser

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