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Societal change and neighbourhood development– A decision-making tool for stakeholders in the residential market
Client:DFG (German Research Foundation)
Partner(s):University of Bonn - Institute for Geography; Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography (IfL); (scientific partners); City of Dortmund; HOCHTIEF Solutions AG formart NRW;, housing corporation UNITAS eG Leipzig (application partners)
Time frame:03/2013 – 07/2015

Against the background of transformation processes in society, the future development of residential city quarters is very challenging. Due to the demographical change the demand for residential offerings in terms of scale and nature changes. Also the frame conditions for the development of future projects are going to be different from what they used to be. Stakeholders of the housing market, who pursue different goals are interested in the future deployment of city quarters. Apart from the pure interest, they are also able to influence these developments actively.

The project “Societal change and neighbourhood development“, which is aiming at a transfer knowledge, follows another so-called “DFG-project”, namely “Residential choices in polycentric city regions”. The basic idea that stands behind the current project is two-dimensional. On the one hand it aims at capturing the requirements on places of different groups of demand, on the other hand it wants to evaluate the qualities of place of diverse city quarters. After having completed this, the next step will be to combine both analysis modules. Taking societal trends and changes into consideration, the comparison of location with locational quality, serves as a tool to derive sound scenarios and outlooks of future developments in residential quarters.

Our goal is to elaborate a detailed concept for the briefly outlined analysis approach and test it with an example. It is planned that concrete impulses should be created for the work of the three application partners, which probably will raise new research questions. Furthermore, it should result in a decision-making tool for the various actors in the regional housing market, which in the sense of a process description explains the analytical approach thus allowing a further transfer of knowledge.

HOCHTIEF Solutions AG as a commercial real estate developer in the Cologne/Bonn-region, the city of Dortmund in the eastern part of the Ruhr region and UNITAS eG as a housing corporation in the Halle/Leipzig-region could be won as application partners.

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