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    News from research, project results, promotion of young researchers, personalia, information on events, and publications
    practice-oriented and policy consulting presentation of current project results
    current public topics and their relevance for urban and regional research are briefly presented to decision makers and interested parties several times a year
  • ILS-Working Paper
    Current research results for scientific discussion
  • Research programmes & Research strategy
    Project-related work programme based on the ILS research strategy with a longer-term orientation
  • Annual reports
    annual overview of the institute's activities in the past year

Reports from Research

Overview of Professional publications


Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie in Zeiten der Pandemie: ILS gGmbH mit Zertifikat zum audit berufundfamilie mit dauerhaftem Charakter geehrt. Mehr…

ILS-Working Paper zu Corona

Die Forschungsgruppe Raumbezogene Planung und Städtebau des ILS hat ein Arbeitspapier zu den zentralen Herausforderungen für Städte und Regionen in der Corona-Pandemie vorgelegt. Mehr…


Heider, Bastian; Siedentop, Stefan (2020): Employment suburbanization in the 21st century: A comparison of German and US city regions. In: Cities, Vol. 104, Article 102802. doi: 10.1016/j.cities­.­2020.102802. (online first 28.05.2020) Weitere aktuelle Fachpublikationen finden Sie hier.


Schmidt, Stephan; Krehl, Angelika; Fina, Stefan; Siedentop, Stefan (2020): Does the monocentric model work in a polycentric urban system? An examination of German metropolitan regions. In: Urban Studies, online first May 27, 2020. doi: 10.1177/­0042098020912980. Weitere aktuelle Fachpublikationen finden Sie hier.


Hersperger, Anna M.; Grădinaru, Simona R.; Siedentop, Stefan (2020): Towards a better understanding of land conversion at the urban-rural interface: planning intentions and the effectiveness of growth management. In: Journal of Land Use Science, online first May 25, 2020. doi: 10.1080/­­1747423X.­2020.1765426. Weitere aktuelle Fachpublikationen finden Sie hier.

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